Are you overwhelmed with routine prevention-based security tasks? Do you lack the advanced security skills, staff, and technology to defend your digital infrastructure against modern threats? Have you already suffered a significant security incident that you don’t want to repeat?

Our Managed Security Services will:

  • Continuously monitor your entire IT environment
  • Rapidly detect and remediate threats before they cause harm
  • Supply you with advanced security staff without internal hiring
  • Deploy advanced security technology like AI and Machine Learning
  • Adapt to your unique security challenges and opportunities
  • Integrate seamlessly into your existing security posture
  • Minimize security costs while increasing capabilities
  • Give you a complete security posture without any hands-on management

With Datum Consulting’s Managed Security Services, you will gain:

A Complete Security Team

Cybersecurity skills are rare and expensive. Let us give you a complete team of advanced, experienced, “always-on” security staff without internal hiring.

Flexible Security Solutions

Every company has different security requirements. We can provide you with either a complete security solution, or only the specific capabilities you can’t cover in-house.

Hands-Off Managed Security

Focus on your cyber strategy and top-level business needs. Hand off the day-to-day management of your complete security tasks and responsibilities.

We offer a complete Managed Security service that includes, but is not limited to the following with AI-Driven Managed Detection and Response:

Continuous Monitoring

Gain complete 24 x 7 x 365 visibility to find and fix threats before they harm you. Continuously monitor your entire IT environment, including on-prem, Cloud, and hybrid infrastructures. Our AI-driven advanced security monitoring can monitor, analyse, and find existing vulnerabilities and threats within Terabytes of your data.

Incident Detection, Investigation, and Response

Hunt for lurking threats before they mature. Detect advanced unknown threats. Immediately quarantine and investigate successful attacks. Remediate threats in hours, not months. Deploy AI-driven security capabilities that automate many security tasks and will easily, efficiently scale as your IT environment grows.

Compliance Management

Scan your existing environment for compliance violations. Plan and undertake activities to remediate violations before official audits. Rapidly achieve good standing within both general regulatory frameworks and industry-specific frameworks. Outsource the day-to-day alignment with requirements to maintain continuous compliance.

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