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No matter how big or small an organization’s size is, large amount of financial resources has to be spent on paying telecommunication bills. Therefore, many are making a switch from the usual telecommunication technology to VoIP business phone services with an intention to save few bucks without hampering even the quality. The prime benefit of VoIP services is the potential savings in toll charges. Going further, the business organization can save much more by opting for VoIP hosting services.

Hosted VoIP PBX is considered to be an advanced solution for tele-services that is supposed to offer benefits for you business. Lets take an overview of hosted PBX systems. PBX is a usual technical term and it stands for Private Branch Exchange, it is a digital version of multi-line telephone system used to route the call to multiple extensions. It could be a piece of equipment physically installed and maintained on-site or via an internet hosted PBX phone system.

In-addition to being an impressively economical telecom system, there is another significant benefit of hosted phone system. Almost every modern communication functions can be utilized at a very cheap price without the need for buying nor installing it at your premise. The necessary PBX devices and softwares are managed at the infrastructure of the VoIP business hosting service provider. This service of PBX phone is offered via a hosted server which is connected to a high speed internet or dedicated/ leased telephone line at a very affordable monthly price.

Managed VoIP hosting services have certain benefits to offer such as, the provider is responsible for taking care of PBX functions, routing of calls for organizations via Internet. Hence offering further more benefits stated below :

Reduced upfront costs : There is a significant reduction in the upfront costs as there isn’t any physical PBX box to be installed and maintained on site. Hence there is much lesser investment to be done in terms of costs, infrastructure as well as labor charges.

Enhanced Flexibility : With a managed VoIP solution, users simply need to send requests via Internet for adding or deducting an extension without the necessity to make any changes to the equipment on-site physically.

Simple to maintain : In every telecom system, there is some or the other routine and remedial maintenance required. A hosted VoIP office service would make sure that the issues related to the system are addressed by trained specialists. Further more, the expense of maintenance doesn’t have to be incurred by the IT department of the organization.

Highly scalable : Ideally, the systems and equipments are designed by assuming the volume of users. But, with VoIP solutions offered by a service provider, there needn’t be any concern despite if there is a growth in an organization, the hosted PBX system can seamlessly accommodate the increased level of usage. But that wouldn’t be the case with an in-house PBX coz, it might eventually be required to be replaced with a higher configuration system.

Automatic upgrades: There are rapid changes happening in the industry of IP telephony, so have been the developments in the managed VoIP hosting services . If it is an in-house equipment, there are chances of disruptions during an upgrade and a series of multiple upgrades can cost the organization with some considerable amount to be spent. Whereas with hosted PBX, there are barley any chances of disruptions and the organization in the meantime benefit continually from the best a vendor offers.


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