How secure is your system?


Recently, Datum Consulting has received several phone calls in regards to compromised, unprotected, systems. The attacks came in many different forms. From simply downloading a nasty, Cryptowall/Cryptolocker virus to receiving calls from what was thought to be a "trusted" source, such as Microsoft or Norton Antivirus.

Remember all devices are susceptible to a variety of threats including Windows based, Android, and Apple/Mac devices. Not just desktops and laptops, but mobile phones and tablets, as well, can be affected. Though it is rare, it can still happen.

Here are just a few reminders to help keep you safe.

  • Companies like Microsoft and Norton will not call you or hire representatives to contact you if there is an issues on your PC. They will not hire a third party to "clean" your PC.
    • Do not call any numbers that "Pop-up" on your screen. These pop-ups tend to be Malicious Software (Malware) and can harm your PC and the numbers usually lead to bogus companies falsely representing trusted sources.
    • Remember they will not do anything for free so if someone is offering a "free" service be suspicious and hang up the phone
  • Viruses more commonly known as Cryptowall/Cryptolocker, will hold your files for ransom, this is called ransomware. This is real. They will make you buy a form of legal currency called a Bitcoin and will demand payment before you can regain access to your data, and there is no guarantee that they will release the information either. Many large corporations have actually paid the ransom to regain access to their files. Most anti-virus products on the market today cannot block this virus, due to it sophistication. Datum Consulting now offers one of the only AV products known to block/prevent ransomware viruses.
  • Do no give out your credit card/bank information or other personal information to anyone representing such companies.
  • Do not allow anyone to gain remote access to your PC/network.
  • If you think your system has been compromised, shutdown and unplug your PC and contact Datum Consulting immediately for further assistance.

Be proactive not reactive... that is the latest saying here at Datum Consulting.

  • Backup. Backup. If you have a proper backup we can easily restore your data, if it becomes compromised, corrupt, locked or infected. Contact us to help find the right back up solution for you.
  • Passwords: Keep your passwords complex and safe.
    • Do not write them down on a piece of paper left on your desk. Do not keep them on a spreadsheet or word document unprotected on your desktop. Do not keep the stored on your cell phone. There are many programs out there, such as Lastpass or Keepass, which will store your passwords and encrypt them so that no one else can access them without you knowing.
    • Get in the habit of using complex passwords. No not use the same password for everything. Easiest way to get hacked is by using password such as your pet’s name, Kids name or date of birth, or using generic password like “password” or “admin”. Use uppercase and lowercase letters, number and symbols. Try to keep the random.
  • Do not use free anti-virus software, just because you have been lucky in the past doesn’t mean you’ll be lucky forever. Paying for AV with a reputable company, ensures that Virus definitions are frequently updated allowing your AV to protect against the latest threats. We offer a few different types of AV that vary according to the level of protection you desire. Contact us for more details.
  • Be wary of suspicious articles and links within social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Viruses tend to be embedded in the articles and are enabled when you download the articles to view.
  • Always verify the sender before opening an email and clicking on any links contained in the email.
  • Be wary of suspicious articles and links within social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. If the headline seems outrageous or shocking there’s is usually a reason. Viruses tend to be embedded in the articles and are enabled when you download the articles to view.
  • Use caution while searching for things on the internet. Some links may not be legitimate or may redirect you to pages you don’t want to be on. Use the commonsense rule, if it looks suspicious it probably is.

Datum Consulting specializes in network security and disaster recovery. We offer customizable managed service plans to help in these situations. With our managed service plans, we monitor your computer for suspicious activity, verify that Anti-virus software is enabled and up to date, and using out remote tools we can remove most vulnerabilities remotely. Most importantly, this is all done in the back ground so that you can rest easy knowing we are protecting your system 24X7.  Please contact us for more information about our Datum360 plans and let us help find the right plan for you.

Datum Consulting is always here for you. Contact our office if you have any questions about current or potential risks, or want to know more about the services we offer.


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