Wifi Security

Think your wireless network is safe? Better be sure.

Wifi security has been a hot topic over the last couple of years. And while there have been improvements in both the types of encryption and layers of security that go with it, wifi is by far one of the biggest security risks for your business.

Running a wireless network with poor security is akin to unlocking your door and hanging a sign inviting thieves to go inside and steal everything in sight. With long range wifi antennae's hackers can potentially reach your network from tens of miles away. Not only that, but with a little know-how, that hacker could crack your password within minutes. After the password is broken, it's really hard to say anything beyond that point is secure.

A couple of tips for improving your wireless security:

  • Do not run your wireless router with factory default settings
  • Use WPA/WPA2 or the Enterprise Version of WPA/WPA2
  • Do not enable PSK or Pre Shared Keys
  • Do not broadcast the SSID
  • Use STRONG passwords. 8 or more characters with letters, symbols, and numbers

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