Appassure Demo Videos

Backup, Replication & Recovery Product Demo Videos


Intro to the User Interface

AppAssure Backup & Replication is incredibly easy to setup, use and manage. In this short video, you will see the basics for navigating in the product to get you started on your installation of testing of AppAssure Backup & Replication.

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Deploying Agents / Protecting Servers

Getting ready to deploy? This video will show you how to push the agent software from your Core server to the servers you want to protect using a simple wizard and the process of adding the server for protection.

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What is a Recovery Point?

In this video, we walk you through the mechanics of a Recovery Point. What is a Recovery Point? What does it correlate to in the file system? And how to use and manage them.

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Mountability Check for Exchange

How do you know if your most critical data is going to be recoverable? Walk through the process AppAssure Backup & Replication uses to ensure that the Exchange data is recoverable, giving you the ability to sleep at night.

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Attachability Check for SQL

What about your other most critical applications? SQL Server is backed up, but can you recover from the backup? In this video, we will walk you through how SQL data is tested, giving you the assurance that you can recover from a failure.

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Recover a File

Navigating through the world of backup software interfaces, the one thing in common is the fact that the bulk of your recoveries are at the file / folder level and you are learning a new paradigm with every new tool you use. With AppAssure Backup & Replication, we will show you how easy it is to recover files and folders in seconds.

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Restore a Volume(s) / Live AppAssure Backup & Replication

Ever lose a disk or a volume? Know what it takes to restore that volume in terms of time and effort? Users are down during the fix time as well as the recovery time. In this video, we will show you how AppAssure Backup & Replication can recover whole volumes in seconds, making the data available instantly.

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Recovery via Remote Mount of SQL data

Ever have a large database restore to recover a table, a couple of rows or some subset of data only to find out you don’t have the disk space to store it AND the production copy? In this video, we will show you how to use AppAssure Backup & Replication to attach the database on your production server, WITHOUT restoring the data!

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Bare Metal Restore Recovery

In this video, you will see the way we can get you up and running from a dead server onto a new server, either similar or dissimilar, in minutes instead of hours or days.

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Message Level Recovery For Exchange

The most common response we receive when we ask the question “How do you respond when your end user asks if he can get deleted mail back” is “Sorry… we don’t offer that…” Why? Because with any other solution, it is too complex and takes too much time. Time is money! In this video, you will see just how easy it is to recover lost/deleted/corrupt messages in a few mouse clicks.

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Creating a Virtual Standby

Ever lose a server? Know what it takes to get a replacement? Can you wait a day? 2 days? Or longer for that new iron to roll into your server room? Virtual Standby will allow you to create a virtual machine copy of your physical or virtual server and keep it up to date with the latest data allowing you push button failover to get you back online in minutes. See how we set that up here.

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Tired of running tapes out the door? In this video, we will show you how AppAssure Backup & Replication replicates your data to another site, the cloud, or even your desktop in your home office. Not only replicate it, but allow you to use it just like you can in the production side, at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

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Events and Troubleshooting

In this video, we will show you how to find out what’s going on in your AppAssure Backup & Replication environment, how to set up notifications, and the best ways to gather the appropriate information to solve problems fast.

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Rollup & Retention

In this video, we will show you how AppAssure Backup & Replication can maintain your data, keeping what you want for the length of time you desire, and keep it manageable.

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DocRetriever for SharePoint – Recovering Documents, Folders, etc…

Got SharePoint? Then you need to see this product in action. We will take you through the product, showing you how to recover files, folders, sub-sites, sites, and whole farms in minutes.

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